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It's official! We are laying fiber in a limited area, and if your home or business is in the area, we'd love to have you. Now's your chance to have the interent at speeds unmatched in Helena! Got games? Got kids? Got Netflix? Now you can have it all, at the same time, and so much more!

We have three different speeds to choose from:

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100 Mbps / 100 Mbps
$65 / Month

Even our lowest speed package is faster than anything else available. Stream Netflix, Amazon, and more with ease.

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250 Mbps / 250 Mbps
$115 / Month

Need more speed? We have you covered. At 250Mbps there's no reason to not watch all of Game of Thrones while playing Journey and skyping grandma. At the same time!

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500 Mbps / 500 Mbps
$250 / Month

Need more speed? We have you covered. With 500Mbps you can run your home or small business across the world without missing a beat!

Our Service

If you live or work in this highlighted area, we can reach you with fiber!

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Pay Installation Fee Upfront

Just $299 gets you set up and ready to go, with the monthly rate being whichever speed you choose.

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Pay Installation Fee Over 24 Months

With a 2-year contract, you pay the regular monthly rate plus $20 for 24 months, and then after that, just the regular rate for whichever speed you choose.

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Pay No Installation Fee at all!

Feeling flush and awesome? Well, if you pay for 2-years of service upfront, at any speed level, we'll install your service for free!

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